About Us

About Us

About Shoes U Wear

Shoes U Wear is a family business, which was started in 2005 by Allan.

Our purpose is to provide quality and top brand shoes at affordable prices and give our customers a friendly and helpful online shopping experience.

Shoes U Wear originally started as Truprice after a holiday abroad, Allan was astounded to see top brand shoes on sale for a 10th of the price they sell for in the UK. Within a year TruPrice was formed and was supplying top brand shoes for a fraction of the price they sold for its high street shops. Unfortunately some of the top brands did everything in their power to stop us selling the British public shoes for what we considered the true price.

No longer being able to source our shoes abroad meant that Shoes U Wear needed to come up with a way to cut costs and in 2018. We came up with a solution that would not only cut our costs so we could pass the savings on to our customers, but was also more environmentally friendly than the traditional way of selling shoes, because it cuts out the transportation of the shoes to the minimum and also reduced warehousing.